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Graduation forgotten messages
by David Maynard - Monday, 1 July 2013, 08:40 AM

Dear all

Apologies two things I forgot to mention on Friday:

  1. If you have changed address and not informed the office then please do so with some urgency. Nicola is recommending those who graduated today and the NCTL will send letters to the addresses they have on record
  2. We always like to upload photos of the graduation onto the website so please, those of you who took/had taken, let us have your records of the day. Look forward to seeing them

All the best


Picture of David Maynard
by David Maynard - Sunday, 30 June 2013, 11:13 AM
  Well done to everyone for making it such a wonderful occasion and wasn't Lauren Steadman a great inspiration?
The best of luck to you all as you start your first substantive post and to those still applying. Please stay in touch with The Cambridge Partnership and let us know how you are getting on.
As we visit schools we will see some of you and we are looking to start an NQT package and who knows your schools may ask us in to support you further.
It has been a pleasure seeing you all get to this point
Thank you for being a great group and bearing with us through all the demands and changes being made to teacher training. You are the stars of the future.
Picture of David Maynard
URGENT: Approaching the end of the course and other things
by David Maynard - Thursday, 16 May 2013, 12:56 PM

No doubt you are all well aware of the end date, 28.06.13, and know exactly how many days are left.

Some of you though are leaving things late: portfolio of evidence, skills tests, research assignment to name but a few. This is very alarming if you wish to complete on time and be recommended for QTS. Everything has to be in place for you to be presented on the 28th June and be recommended.

I know you will not need telling but it is very much time for some of you to sense the urgency and get going. People are already finding test centres booked up until mid June and if the skills tests are not completed satisfactorily it not only puts your QTS at risk but will have an impact on your employability.

Further, the External examiners have already accessed the database and chosen who they wish to see. They will be looking at all your paperwork, talking to you, scrutinising portfolios, meeting mentors and professional tutors. Those to be seen will be notified next week. For those not being seen it is not an excuse to ease off as you will all be on the reserve list.

The M level presentation groups are being finalised with UoB and once done will be circulated.

A busy time ahead, please ensure you are ready for it!


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